Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Wednesday and a Change of Plan

I slept  better last night. But I have been busy all day. First I had my breakfast after I got dressed and ready for the day. I watched the news. Then I began packing again. I filled those three boxes I had left with the stuff from my server with tablecloths, place mats and napkins.  I labeled each box with what was in it.  Then I loaded it into my trunk and headed for Independence to get more covered file boxes. I bought ten more and some more labels and then started for Caney. Dr. Eslicker's office called to remind me of an appointment tomorrow. I had forgotten that in the excitement of trying to pack.
I called Gay and changed our date for lunch to Friday at 11:30AM and the we will go to Caney so she can see the apartment.

On my way into Caney, Leslie called. She had taken John to the doctor. He has developed a sinus infection from a cold he had. He got some meds to take care of that.She read this blog and learned I was being charged $750. to be moved. She said that was outrageous and that I should Google U Haul in Coffeyville and I did that and found one at Fast Lube.

I took my three boxes in and put them in the shelf closet and did some measuring and then headed out for Coffeyville and found Fast Lube. She wanted to move on Thursday the 24th and I made a reservation for a truck that day and John and Jeromy and she will move me. Then I called Robert and cancelled the move with him. Then I called Cox and changed my TV and internet installation appointment to the Friday after that. They actually gave me a $75.00 discount on my installation.

Then I started putting the boxes together. I stopped for an hour and tried to balance my checkbook. That didn't work. I will just have to wait until everything clears to do that. Somewhere I have a glitch.

I even called Cox Complete Care and got my outlook mail program repaired. After they cancelled the Cox Complete Care the other day, it had a glitch and wouldn't print. 

More later..   Betty and a lady that wants to look at my apartment here will be here at 5:00PM and it is already 3:00PM.  I want to get the rest of those boxes assembled.

I'll get back to this later....

I got the boxes all assembled and went to Sonic for a light dinner of  s Wacky Pack. Betty wanted to show this apartment and I had volunteered to vacate it for 45 minutes. When I returned home they were gone. I did some more packing until Scott called to tell me he had finally really got that job he had interviewed for. They were doing some reorganization and had put his job offer on hold for a month. They interviewed him again today and hooray! He finally got the job! I was so happy for him! He starts as soon as he gets his Top Secret standing re-activated. He said he had a terrific interview.

And they got their loan for the house and the contractor will begin digging the foundation for the new home next week as soon as the survey is finished.

I still have some things to do before the move. I need to go to the post office and fill out a change of address form.  I also should notify social security of my change of address to the 24th. And Blue Cross/Blue Shield too. I am staying with my bank here in Coffeyville. I am satisfied with them. I will give them my change of address. I am also staying with my hairdresser. I will come over here on Tuesdays, perhaps have breakfast with Bob first and then go to my bank and get my week's money and then to my hair appointment. When we have cakes to bake for the First Christian Church in Independence, I will bring my cake to Bob on that Tuesday morning. Phyllis and Karan will take theirs to him and he will take them to Independence.   He can visit his sister, Betty, afterward.

Tomorrow I will pack until almost noon and then I will load those boxes into my trunk and I have a 1:00PM doctor's appointment with Dr. Eslicker in Bartlesville.  Either before or after that appointment, I will drop off the boxes at the Caney apartment.They called to remind me today of my appointment as I was driving to Caney from Independence. So I changed my lunch date with Gay to Friday at 11:30PM at Anna Mae's in Independence and then we will go on over to Caney. She wants to see my apartment. I want to take some photos of at least the outside tomorrow. I may take some of the inside too...especially the kitchen. But there is no furniture in the rest of the apartment there until after the 24th when the kids will move me. And I still have a lot of packing to do. I have delivered ten banker boxes of stuff already. I still have ten more to go and then I have to pack all those books too....all before the 24th. I will also load up my sleeping bags in the back seat of my car to take over there.

I am very tired after such a big day. I watched some TV that I had recorded but fell asleep in the middle of it. So I got up and took my bath. It's 9:45PM and I am going on to bed.

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