Saturday, January 12, 2019

Saturday and More Packing.

I had another good night's sleep. I got up this morning at 4:45. I will get ready for the day and then if possible, I will go over to Steve's and see if he has some boxes. I would like to pack the books in the wall unit bookshelves.I also need to pack the closet in the dining room. If Steve has no boxes, I will have to get some more bank boxes from Walmart in Independence. I have the storage closet in the new apartment full now and will need to start using the shelving in the clothes closets. That would be just until the furniture was here and I could unpack things that go into it.

I also would like to start putting away the stuff that goes in the storage above where the washer and dryer goes. Nancy wants to start helping me with that.  I want to take my spring and summer clothes over there and put them in the spring/summer clothes closet. I will just lay those things across the back seat of the car.

Now I had better get myself ready for the day and get my breakfast. More later....

I have dressed and had my breakfast and watched the CBS news.  I have taken off all my decorative light plates and put the original ones back on. I am missing three double switch plates and two single plug in plates and two single switch plates so I will have to go out to our Ace hardware and get some replacements. It is snowing cats and dogs out there now so maybe I will just go over to Ace Hardware instead of trying to go clear out to our Walmart. I also need to stop at Steve's and see if he has any boxes. I would like to pack the books in the bookcase.

I have the entire kitchen and bathroom to pack yet. The kitchen will be a bear! I have a lot of stuff there!

I checked with Cyndi about the cost of her vacuuming the apartment here and wiping down the shelves after we move on the 24th. She will do it as a favor! How wonderful! I need to be over at the Caney apartment when they turn on the water on moving day. Before I can pack any more, I will need more boxes.

So more later...

I have been working all morning on packing. First I took the decorative wall switch covers off and put the old ones back on. Then I started packing books. I have two cardboard boxes so far. When I went up to Steve's, I learned he doesn't open until 9:00AM. So I got my two boxes at Ace Hardware.  After I finished that I have shredded a lot of old paperwork I no longer need from my church folders.  This is a good opportunity to clean some stuff out. I really need to get back up to Steve's now since I have filled the two small boxes I had with books. I need some more boxes.

I dread packing the kitchen. That will be toward the last. I have so many dishes, etc. in there I will need ten boxes just for the kitchen. The bathroom will be easier.  I will pack it as soon as I get the books boxed. Then there are the closets...especially that storage closet in the dining room. That will be a mess too. I will keep some of my banker's boxes to put Christmas decorations in because they have lids.  I will label them like I have all the moving boxes.

Well, I had better get in to Steve's and hope he has some boxes. . so more even later..

Twelve boxes of books and I still have the den to do. Obviously, Steve did have boxes and the are the right size too.  I still need more just for the books.

This is just the bookcase in the dining room.

I still have these to pack.And of course all these below.

This is in the den. I need even more boxes. And I have all those dishes, etc. in the kitchen. Thank goodness I have two weeks left.  Now the guys will have to lift these book boxes since they much too heavy for me. I hope they have a loading truck to help them.

More later...I am going to go in the kitchen and fix myself some lunch. More even later...

I've made three trips to Steve's for boxes and I have all the books packed now. It's a mess on this carport....water everywhere and my feet wet every time I get out of the car. the doormat out there is soaked. I will be so glad to have a garage. When this snow is gone I will have to clean the carpet in the car. It's three o'clock and the only time I have stopped since 7:00AM this morning is for a quick lunch. I microwaved a Walmart frozen dinner and ate that.  I am going to stop now.

I will make another trip back to Independence when the weather allows it and get some more banker boxes to pack the kitchen. I still have the dining room closet to do too. I will do it and the bathroom with Steve's boxes. And the next time I go over to Caney I will take my spring and summer clothing.  Both closets need to be moved too but I will take that stuff in my car. It's my luggage and a couple of quilts.

The den closet has my little file cabinet in it and the ironing board too but they will have to take both of those in the van. I will take the dishes over myself. I bought some foam to put between the plates and I will wrap the other glassware in soft paper towels. I will put all the fragile stuff in the back seat. The kitchen will probably take all ten of the next boxes.

More even later. I am going to take a break.

I took a break about 3:30PM or 4:00PM. I watched the news and then took my bath, ate my yogurt  and stayed up to watch "All the President's Men" for the third or fourth time over the years. It's 10:00PM now and I don't think I'll have any problem getting to sleep.


Sister--Three said...

I dont see how u are doing all this. Hard labor.

Margie's Musings said...

Yes, it is but there's no one else to do it but me. I'll get through it.

Thanks for caring, Sister-Three