Friday, February 22, 2019

Friday and Another Slow Day

I slept exceptionally well last night and was up at 5:00AM as usual. I had my oatmeal breakfast after I dressed for the day and a couple of cups of coffee and Chai.

Scott called this morning and we had a good visit. It had been awhile but I know he is very busy. He loves his new job and that is wonderful! He agreed to try to call every week or ten days and that was neat. Keith calls like that...every week or ten days. I usually see Leslie at church and anytime I have a need for her for something I can't do myself. My boys and their wives and Leslie and my son-in-law, John, are very helpful. I am very blessed.

I want to ask John if he will pick up the flowerbed he built for me at the other apartment the next time he is in Coffeyville with his pickup. They couldn't get it on the truck when we moved but he did get it uncovered and set against the front of the apartment. This spring I would like to have it. I will plant flowers in it if I have it here.

I have been watching the news. I may clean today and go out to Dollar General and check out their cloth valances. If they have any of the correct size, I may buy some and some of those Command hooks and some nice rods to hang them with.  I have decided I cannot afford the Roman blinds I had hoped to buy and may just use the mini blinds that are already up with valances above them for color and a more finished look. Those Roman blinds would be over $1200. for just four windows and I just don't have that kind of money to spend ...even in my savings.  I also need light bulbs for my night night. I can probably get those there too.

More later....

I ordered a cloth valance from Amazon and it is supposed to be here on Saturday (tomorrow).  I went out to Dollar General and bought a rod and some Command hooks to hang it with. They didn't have any valances. Leslie will try to come Tuesday afternoon to hang the one for the dining room for me. If that works out, I will order some more from Amazon. The next one will be for the bedroom. Last of all, I will order two for the living room. One will be as large as the one for the dining room and one will be smaller. ...the same size as the bedroom one. I am not too sure what color I will want for the living room ones. I will ask her opinion.

Nancy called and wanted to go get coffee at Eggberts. I agreed to pick her up. I did that and we went out to Eggberts. The Karen I knew from Nanny La Rose back in the 1980s was there with another Karen friend of hers and we sat with them and visited until 10:30AM when Nancy ordered lunch. We stayed until afternoon. Then I stayed at Nancy's awhile until I needed to come home and polish off the chili that I had left. Then next, I texted John and asked him to bring my flowerbed over here the next time he was in Coffeyville with his truck. He agreed and I will plant flowers in it in the spring. That is good of him!

I came home and read the Reader's Digest that was in the mail today.  I really should vacuum since I did not get that done yesterday.

So more even later...

I did vacuum and later Keith called too. It is so good to hear from my kids. The boys agreed to call me every week or ten days.

I read all evening and finally watched a 20/20 program I had recorded. Then I took my bath and got ready for bed.

I went to bed about 9:00PM.  


susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

I seem to remember that you had a very pretty rose in your flower bed, unless I am mis-remembering. I hope you will be able to take that with you. This would be a good time of year to transplant it (unless you are more frozen there than we are here.

Margie's Musings said...

I will leave it, Susie. Miniature roses are a dime a dozen. It would be too much work and trouble to dig it up.