Sunday, February 3, 2019

Sunday and the Superbowl.

In about 25 minutes the Superbowl will begin. I guess I will watch it.

I slept well last night even after getting an e-mail from Cox saying they were going to shut down my e-mail address and delete all my information in 90 days. I tried to reach someone in the business office and there was no one there on the weekend.  So I called Cox Complete Care this afternoon and their tech named "Mike" checked it out and learned that was not going to happen. He dealt with someone who assurred us it was not going to happen. But Cox Communications  has jerked me around so much the past three weeks or so that I cannot depend on that. They have changed my billing three times...depends on who you talk to as to what it is. My tech, that connected my new modem and router gave me a firm amount that it would be and then when I got an e-mail about the bill, that was nearly double what I had been told, I called them again and got an entirely different number. Dealing with Cox has been a nightmare.

I went to church this morning and then Phyllis and I went over to Just Us for lunch. Bob didn't want to go. Neither did Karan. Karan has been fighting a sinus infection. She was just going to go home and lie down. I took Phyllis back to church after lunch to get her car and then I drove back to Caney.

I have been reading a new book. I finished the one I was reading yesterday. But now it is time to turn on the Superbowl so I will sign off on this for now.

More later....

I watched the Superbowl but found it rather boring. Much defense but not much action.

At 9:30PM or  so, I took my bath and went on to bed.

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