Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Tuesday and Cake Delivery

I slept very well last night. I took a melatonin before bed and since I had all my immediate problems solves, thanks to Leslie, I managed to sleep well.

I got my cake loaded into the trunk of my car so I wouldn't forget about it.

Bob texted me at 6:00AM to see if I was up and around and I was...just barely. I had dressed and put my makeup on when he called and was drinking some coffee. He wondered if were were having breakfast and I told him as far as I was concerned, we were. I have my hair appointment at 9:00AM and can be over there early enough for breakfast.

When I picked him up, he told me he had an appointment this morning with the Cox representative between 9:00AM and noon to hook up his TV again so he asked me if I could take the cakes up. Of course, I could. We transferred the cakes into my trunk and then went on to Eggberts for breakfast,. He insisted on buying my breakfast for the extra trouble he felt he had caused.  After we caught up on our news, I took him home and went to my hair appointment. After that, I took the cakes on up to Independence and also stopped at Braums up there and bought my yogurt.

I notice we are under  a winter weather advisory....so far, it's just a drizzle.

I called Nancy this morning and she is feeling bad again. I encouraged her to call Dr. Christensen and make an appointment. That's who I turned to after Dr. Gillis retired last month. She has felt bad, either with diarrhea or a stomach problem, for months. Now her right knee is hurting so badly she can hardly walk. I hope she will make an appointment and I will take her if she does. I told her I would also go in with her if she did. Four ears are better then two any day. I don't know whether she will or not.

I am so pleased with my new bamboo blind. It dresses up my den room really nicely.

I think I will turn on the weather channel and see what the forecast is here now.  This afternoon, I want to take these books back to the library and get a couple more if I can. If the weather turns bad, I want to be able to read.

More later....

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