Thursday, February 7, 2019

Thursday and House Cleaning Day

I slept well last night again although I got up pretty early this morning. I decided to make chili and also clean the apartment. The ground beef was thawed so I wanted to cook it.

It snowed a little last night. It's mostly ice so I haven't been out of the apartment. The mail should be coming soon and I will go out and check if I got any bills yet. I am very curious to see how much my bills are going to run here.

Nancy called this morning and I invited her over for chili but she called later and said she was afraid to get her car out of the garage. There is too much ice. I certainly understand that. About 11:00AM, I went ahead and ate my chili. Now I need to put it in a covered bowl and get it in the frig. I will eat it one more time before I freeze it. It was very good.

More later...

I have run out of anything to read and it was too cold to get out and go to the library again.

This was the snow and ice scene out my front window.

 Image may contain: snow, tree, sky and outdoor

I had a phishing expedition again  from someone pretending to be Cox. I checked it out with Cox and sure enough it was a phishing expedition. It's always Cox they imitate. It keeps me busy constantly checking them out.

What a mess!

It's after 4:30PM now and I have just puttered around all day. I will take a bath later before I go to bed.

Nothing much the rest of the day.

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