Friday, May 31, 2019

Friday and the Trip Home

We got up rather early at 6:00AM (late for me) and about 8:00AM we went over to the restaurant next door for breakfast. They had biscuits and gravy, scrambles eggs and biscuits....and of course coffee and juice. I didn't want gravy but I had some of everything else. All that including the show last night and supper last night was included in our total cost of $69.

Then we all packed our vehicles and started for home. We followed Janet's car to Springfield and then Karan set her GPS and it guided us back to Joplin.  We stopped at Olive Garden and had soup and salad and raspberry/peach tea for lunch.  It was very good, as usual. Darlene had a problem getting out of the car She had sat too long, I guess, and was too dizzy to walk alone. I was helping her along when a couple of young men came along and asked us if we needed a strong arm of help. Darlene is only 72 but she dies sit around too long and too much of the time and she does have problems with her balance.  One of the young men helped her into a seat inside and the other opened doors for us. We finally got seated and had our  lunch. Karan was very appreciative of their help and made arrangements to pay fort heir lunch. The others of us pitched in on it too. They were so much help.

We got back to Coffeyville about 2:30PM and I got back to Caney about 3:00PM.

About 4:00PM, Nancy came over and stayed a couple of hours and we visited. I told her about our trip. I also told her about the trip we are going to take to Overland Park to the dinner theater there in July. I gave her the information about that trip and she may go too.

More later...

I read until 9:30PM and then took my bath ad went on to bed.  I noticed it was still 80 degrees in the apartment so I turned the thermostat  down to 75 but still the air didn't come on. I changed the thermostat to  "on" from "auto"and the blower came on but no cool air. So I went out to check on the air conditioner and found it was not running. I went into the garage and flipped the "air" switches on the box to "off" and then back to "on". Then  I went back out and check the air conditioner and this time it was running.

So I went on to bed. It was10:00PM or after by then. 


Sister--Three said...

Still a lot of nice young folks.

Margie's Musings said...

Yes, that is true, Sister-Three!