Sunday, April 5, 2009

Busy Sunday

This will be another very busy day. First we have church school and church today, then we will go to lunch. After that, I will come home and bake cookies for the Community Palm Sunday service in Independence tonight. I feel that I should attend that service even though it will require another trip to Independence since I am chair of the celebration committee that planned it. Otherwise I would stay home. I will also have my letters to do sometimes this afternoon or in the morning.

Scott is coming tomorrow and I will need to drive him to Tulsa to catch his plane to LA to drive back with Ashley, his daughter. She is moving back to Savannah to go back to college. For some strange reason, none of us knows, she has decided against an acting and modeling career. She will stay with her boyfriend and his parents while they are both in college.

Strange..very strange. But none of my business. I did my duty by her while she was with me and she will be 19 in May.

They plan to be back here by Wednesday although I look for them to come on Thursday. They intend to pack her up and leave for Tyler, Texas on Tuesday to pick up all her other belongings and then leave for Coffeyville after that on Wednesday. I think all that will take longer though.

They want to go out to see our son-in-law and daughter's new home before they leave for Georgia. Scott is following her as far as Memphis before leaving her to finish the trip to Georgia by herself.

It will be a busy week for all of us.

We went out to see the progress on the house yesterday afternoon after Juanita and I got back from Joplin.

They have moved in all the upstairs furniture and the staircase is up. It has to be stained and finished this week. Saturday, the kids will go down to Tulsa to get the breakfast room, bedroom and the rest of the great room furniture. Leslie is packing stuff up now in preparation for the move.

The builders still have the garage to finish inside, the light fixtures to install, the shower curtain rod for the upstairs bathroom. They still have to finish the painting on the lower half of the house and install the shutters. They also still have some doorknobs to install and the large bathroom mirror.

The kids did buy the new washer and dryer however. It is lovely and has all the bells and whistles. Now most everything is new. The dining room furniture is their good Thomasville furniture and they did not replace it. The upstairs bedroom furniture is the furniture they already had. But most everything else is brand new to go with the brand new home.

I am so happy for them. They have lived in the same double wide mobile home for over thirty years and it has been falling down around them. Those old double wides were never meant to last thirty years. Luckily, they have it sold and it will be moved away.

They will have a lot of yard work to do. They will also have to pour their own apron for the garage entry and also the front walk. Then they will have landscaping to do. A house without landscaping is like a woman without makeup. Pretty bare.

Last night we attended Jeromy's surprise birthday party. Bob and I left at 8:00. We were both exhausted. It had been a big day. He had a great bunch of friends there though. His girlfriend, Cathy, threw this party. She is a jewel.


Sansego said...

I'm of the belief that women are prone to be in relationships and often sacrifice personal ambition just to be with a guy they are attracted to. This is kind of dangerous, because if the relationship doesn't work out, her potential career is long past.

That she has already landed a walk on part on a major TV show is impressive. There are plenty of young ladies trying to land parts in Hollywood. Your granddaughter might have been on track to a major acting role, but her desire to be with some guy she met seems more important to her. I hope it turns out for the best. I would hate to think that when she's older, she might regret leaving Hollywood for a guy she never ends up marrying.

Margie's Musings said...

I agree, Nicholas, but she's never been known for doing the smart thing.