Saturday, November 7, 2009

Beautiful Day

It's a lovely day and I was going to clean house but just couldn't work myself up to it.

Instead, we went out to Leslie's this morning and she gave us a lot of their meat. She was cleaning house and we hated to interrupt her work but she was ready for a break anyhow. She gave us some ice tea and some trail mix and we had a good visit.

Bob mowed the leaves this afternoon. Jeff, a good friend of ours, has the flu and is in the hospital. We were going to send him flowers but the florists are both closed. We would go visit him but Bob shouldn't be around anyone with flu. He's an at risk person. I could be a carrier and have been told it is just as bad to be a carrier as to actually have the flu as far as spreading it is concerned. I made him up a card and will have everyone at church sign it tomorrow.

I sold three books on Amazon today and have them all packed and ready to go in the mail on Monday. I have twelve more listed that are for sale. If I could sell all those, I would have some room on my bookshelves.

We will eat dinner out tonight. We haven't done that this week.

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