Friday, November 6, 2009

A Mad World

The world seems to have gone mad. After yesterday's catastrophe at Fort Hood, today in Orlando, Florida, a man who had lost his job two years ago, gunned down several of his former co-workers in an office building. They have captured him so he cannot do any more harm but he has already done plenty. Something has got to be done about guns in this country. The USA is the most violent country in the world. Our prisons are full.

Whatever happened to the world I grew up in? In all of my youth, I can only remember two murders in our hometown. Nowadays, it isn't safe to walk down a street.

Last week a girl was gang raped in front of 22 people who egged the rapists on. No one reported the rape to the police until a neighbor heard the commotion and called it in.

It's something new and violent every day or so. Perhaps we have become so warlike that all we think of as an answer to our wants is using violence.

I wonder how much the fact that the younger generation is being reared by "day care" has to do with the seeming lack of morals and ethics in our world. Nearly every family now has a child born out of wedlock.

Every day, I wake up in culture shock.


Balisha said...

I heard about this today, while driving to the store.I can only think of 1 murder in my hometown, when I was growing up.We live in such a violent society now. I think that TV and movies may be more of an influence than we know. Our little kids are engrossed in those hand held games...they like the violent ones especially.The pictures are so lifelike.

Margie's Musings said...

You are so correct, Balisha!