Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's Wednesday

I went to Independence this morning to have my haircut. The only appointment she had was at 7:15 so I took it. Then I picked up Juanita for breakfast. After that I took her by the bank to cash a check. Then I went to their Wal Mart to get dog food for Slinky and the makings for a casserole dish for Sunday.

I am home now but it's time for Phyllis' lunch. I will try to get out there after 1:30. It is so hard to get time to see my only sister. What a mess. I have all afternoon though. I hate to go after noon because she is so confused by then and also seems to fall asleep.

Keith called. He has a bite on my truck. However, I had to come off my price $500. and they young man looking at it wants me to come off another $200. He says there's a problem with the rack and pinion steering. He wants to take it to a mechanic tomorrow morning and have it checked out. That's fair. If he doesn't buy it though, the price is going back up to $4300. It's an excellent truck 2000 Ford Ranger and the blue book says it's worth $4500 even as only "good". Keith will just drive it home in November at Thanksgiving. He had hoped to drive his Nissan back to show it to all of us.

I did go see Phyllis this afternoon and she was quite subdued and so we had a nice visit. I stayed about 45 minutes and then she began falling asleep.

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