Monday, December 6, 2010

Another Monday

This morning at 8:00, I will put Slinky in the garage and go see Gary about my struts. Then if he has to give me an appointment to get them done, I will go on out to Leslie's to clean. I am also going to get Slinky another $9.98 bed so I can leave one in the garage. He's going to have to get used to the garage this winter. I will not be home all the time.

I also need to stop by a Wal Mart store and buy some Christmas gifts for our little adopted family from the Salvation Army. I will sack up some groceries to put in the basket too. I need to get Phyllis a Christmas gift for the Windsor Place Christmas party on Friday from 5:00 until 7:00. I will probably get her some lotion or bath powder. Denise got her sugar free candy.

I will have my leftover lasagna for supper this evening. I'd better not forget that good food.

Wednesday is my busy week this week and that depends on the weather. If it does snow, I will not attend the Independence Ministerial Association meeting on Wednesday and I will not have my hair cut either. I will just wash it myself.

Here is a poor photo of Mary Beth being baptized yesterday and a better one of her confirmation.

More later...

I can't get my car into the shop until a week from Thursday. So I will drive it with ruined struts until then. It will cost around $500 for all four to be replaced.

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