Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Another Tuesday

It's Tuesday again and I will clean my house this morning and then go see Phyllis. I haven't seen her since Friday. I will put Slinky in the garage for that since it is very cold.

The olive oil in Slinky's ears didn't work. He still shakes his head constantly. I was told the olive oil on cotton to clean his ears would kill the ear mites. We can dispel that myth. I think the Benadril has helped his allergies though. He isn't constantly digging on his skin now.

There isn't much going on today besides those two things.

I bought some gifts for our adopted family from Salvation Army. The single mother is 22 and her girls are 2 and 3. I will set aside some time today to wrap those gifts. Next week, before the 16th, I will deliver them to the Salvation Army. They will deliver them to the family. We will also have a food basket for them.

Tomorrow I will go back to Independence to get my hair cut. Then I will pick up Juanita for breakfast and later go to the Independence Ministerial Association meeting at 11:45. It will be held at the Congregational Church this time. I really don't like moving it from church to church because we never know where it is meeting until the last minute. I liked keeping it at Mercy Hospital.

More later...

Phyllis was sleeping in her chair when I went to see her. I tried to wake her but she was "out". I stayed about twenty minutes but I could see she wasn't going to wake up so I left. I went to see Gerry too but she must have been in her therapy. I left her a note.

I started to read this afternoon but developed a mild headache so I took an Aleve and watched "You've Got Mail" instead. I had seen it several times but I saw it again. Yesterday evening I watched "Mrs Doubtfire". I had seen it several times too but there just isn't much worth watching at the movies or on TV anymore.


patsy said...

I am sure Edwards regrets his sin but That doesn't change what he did. Most of us regret our sins but regret is not enough is it Of course some people can not see that they did anything wrong and always blame someone else.

Margie's Musings said...

True...so true. I wonder if she forgave him before she died?