Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday At Last

It's Friday and I have nothing planned until tonight when we attend the Windsor Place Winston Unit Christmas Party. Bob A, Denise and I will leave here about 4:30. It should be interesting since the residents all come down with Sundowners about 4:00 i the afternoon. Maybe the party will distract them tonight.

I will go with Bob A to the Dearing Cafe this noon for homemade chicken and noodles. He thinks they offer it every Friday.

I had a good time at last night's Coffeyville Ministerial Alliance party at the Trinity United Methodist Church. There were only 12 who attended. Lee planned it too late for the others to make plans. He didn't announce it until Monday of this week. But there was lots of good food and great fellowship. Our theology isn't the same but we never talk theology we just enjoy each another's fellowship. Let's see. The Church of God, the Community of Christ, the Episcopalians, the Presbyterians, the Baptists and the Methodists were represented. I think that's all. There were four Methodists, two Presbyterians, one Community of Christ, one Episcopalian, two Baptists and two Church of God represented there. That's a great variety.

There was just as much variety in the food.

Marilyn won the drawing for the poinsettia but she already had one so she gave it to me. That was sweet. I didn't have one.

I suddenly remembered that I didn't get my ceramic Christmas tree out of the closet. I will do that today. Phyllis made that for me years ago when she was into ceramics. I treasure it.

Scott called this morning and we talked awhile.

I have decided to have the Christmas dinner over here. I will just fix my chicken and rice dish and ask John (who may have to work) and Leslie, Bob A. and Christina. That will be four or five of us but we will have Christmas dinner. Leslie said she would bring the pie. Bob said he would bring the rolls and I will fix a salad and a veggie dish. That should be plenty. I had asked the Bucks but they are having family in and their place is small so they begged off.

I doubt if any restaurant will be open Christmas day. That was the original plan.

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