Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chilly Sunday

Today is pretty chilly. It supposedly got down to 28 degrees last night. The animals spent the night in the house and they did pretty well. Slinky woke me a little after midnight wanting to go outside to do his duty. I let him out and then back in. I got back to sleep. About 4:00, Missy wanted out. She really didn't after all but if she wakes me at 4:00, she's going outside. She is back in now. At 5:00 Slinky needed to get back out. I just got up. Soon I will go in and get ready for church. He will either have to be happy about that or go back outside. Those are his choices.

It has become chilly again..drat it! I am ready for spring weather.

After church today, some of us will eat out least we always do. Then this afternoon I will do my letters for those who did not attend. After that, I will get my clothes ready for work tomorrow. I am supposed to wear jeans so we can shred old records that have been stored since the year one. So getting my clothes ready should not be much of a challenge.

I watched "The Way we Were" on Turner Classic Movies. That took me back a ways. But movies in those days had a certain "niceness" that are lacking in most of today's movies. Then I went to bed at 9:30.

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