Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sunny Saturday

Today is suopposed to be sunny and I am counting on it. I would like to do some work in the yard after I finish the house.

Slinky started barking this morning at 5:00 AM. I was sleeping soundly at the time. I took my time (I didn't want to reinforce bad behavior) getting in there to get his breakfast. Missy got up when Slinky started barking so I got up to let her out and went back to bed for awhile.

I met Bob A and my daughter, Leslie, for breakfast this morning at 7:30 at Eggberts. Afterward I washed my car and then came home and began cleaning up my yard. It was 9:00. . I still have a little bit to finish in the back before I can begin the front. I never did the get the leaves raked last fall and the grass is looking very bad where all those leaves lay on it all winter. I hope it will come back. After I get the yard finished I am going to put Weed and Feed on it to try to get rid of some of the weeds. I came in awhile ago because I was exhausted. I am feeling better now and wil get back out there and hope to get it finished.

I got the back yard finished at 1:30 and it needs mowing but it's too soggy to mow. At least the leaves are bagged up. I must have had the spreader calibrated wrong because it used the entire bag of Weed and Feed to do just the perimeter. I hope the animals don't get into it and get poisoned. I am too exhausted to do anything more today. The front yard will have to wait until another day.

Tonight at 6:00 PM I will go back to Independence for Jeromy's birthday dinner at the Booth.

More later...

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