Monday, March 7, 2011

A Roof Repair

Bob A. and I met with a roofer at our church yesterday afternoon. We have a leak in the sanctuary ceiling. We've had it for years. It only leaks when the rain is accompanied by strong winds. The roofer climbed up there and found the leak. It was damaged shingles over a seam. He will order some shingles and repair it later in the week. We want to get that fixed before the spring rains hit. If we find that he found the leak for sure, we will have him back to repair the ceiling in the sanctuary. We have thought we had that fixed twice now and each time it is fine until strong winds accompany the rain.

Slinky slept outside last night. It was in the 40's and he can stand that temperature. But he wanted in this morning for the company. I fixed us (him) some oatmeal after he ate his dog food. Missy slept outside too. So I got a good night's sleep. I went to Living the Questions group last night. It was a small group but we still enjoyed it. It was Joyce's 60th birthday and we all took her cards.

I will work today. My supervisor will be in late and she was supposed to have left me time sheets to tally. I hope she remembered to do that.

Tomorrow I go back to the dentist at 11:00 so I will have to leave early. While I had my teeth cleaned last month, the hygienist found that my bridge was loose and the tissue around the neck of the tooth was inflamed. She's talking extraction but the tooth does not hurt and the inflammation is just around the neck of the tooth so I think I will have him just re-cement the bridge and see if stabilizing it that way will not clear it up. I think the crown has been impinging on the tissue at the neck of the tooth because the bridge is loose and it is rocking and pinching that tissue when I chew. If I can get him to do the conservative thing, he will probably re-cement it with temporary cement to see if my evaluation is correct and then have me back in a month to re-x-ray the tooth and see if that inflammation has cleared up. Then he may cement it will real cement. We will see. This dentist wanted to replace all my fillings with crowns and replace a chipped porcelain crown with a new one to the tune of thousands of dollars. I had to tell him how little money I have and that I am in maintenance mode at this point in my life. He has been pretty good about understanding that.

Tuesday evening I am going to the Shrove Tuesday pancake dinner from 4:00 till 6:00 at the Episcopal church. I bought a ticket from Fr. Jerry last Thursday.

Wednesday I have a hair appointment and afterward I will pick up Juanita and we will go to lunch. I haven't seen her in a couple of months...since the bad snows in January and February. It will be good to catch up.

Then I have nothing else on this week's calendar. Maybe I can get some housework/yardwork done.


Anonymous said...

Hi Margie, Hope you get the church roof fixed. I am afraid my roof may start leaking on the house this year. Nothing yet but I need a new roof. I think we have some storms forcast for this week. Glad to see you and Slinky are doing good. It seems to me every dentist I go to has a million things he wants to do in my mouth that cost a fortune. Like you, I just tell them I can't afford it. I think dentists are higher than doctors. I need to work in the yard so bad but the weather just has not permitted yet. Have a good week.

clairz said...

Margie, I was interested in your comments about dental work. Since being retired, I've found that I can't automatically follow suggested treatment ideas from doctors, dentists, and the veterinarian. I have to work with them to go from their idea of top of the line treatment to something that is, as you say, more conservative.

I wonder how much money I might have saved over the years if I had taken this approach during my working years. Not that I don't believe their expert opinions, but I just think that perhaps they went a little over the top when they were getting paid by my dental and health insurance.

Good luck with your church roof. Roof leaks are so tricky.

I have to say that the idea of spring rains sounds very wonderful to me. We have had just ,04 inch of precipitation since the beginning of the year, a number that everyone around here can probably recite by heart.

Margie's Musings said...
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Margie's Musings said...

I hope he can fix it too. We've paid to have it fixed twice before.

As far as the tooth is concerned, that is the one my dentist wanted to tweak on the prep when he redid my bridge and he got into the nerve and I had to have a root canal. Then the root canal blew up and I had to have an endadontist do it over. I have $2,000 in that tooth and it's the abutment tooth to my bridge. The one that they're concerned about now.

Sometimes we're better off not to let them do too much major work in our mouths.

Tiffany Larsen said...

So, how's the repair going? I guess the church's roof has been repaired, and the new shingles have placed so you all will be protected from the rain during the church services. I hope your teeth have also been treated by the dentist.

Tiffany Larsen

Bronwyn Hass said...

You seemed to be a very busy lady, Margie! Good thing, you didn't have a hard time looking for a roofer. I bet it would be better if there had been a regular roof maintenance or checking to avoid spending much on roof restoration. Hope by now, your church's roof is fixed, probably with durable and energy efficient shingles. Then, you can smile with your fixed teeth sweetly. Take care.
-Bronwyn Hass

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