Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Beautiful Wednesday Morning

Another beautiful day. I have an appointment at 3:40 to get my hair colored and cut. I may go up early around 12:00 and go to lunch at Big Cheese. Then afterward I can walk around town and browse if it's still nice. I haven't been in their clothing store lately and she is going to close and retire this fall. That will be a shame. She is the last clothing store this side of Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Small towns are struggling everywhere. Between Wal Mart and the malls in larger cities, their future is dim.

I hope Heather has more for me to do today. I hate sitting around doing nothing. Time drags.

Last night Scott called from Germany. His girlfriend is coming in for a ball. She will stay over the weekend. He is excited though. He is so lonely over there by himself. It was good to visit with him for 45 minutes.

More later...

I went to Independence after work and browsed around one of the stores there. While there the beauty shop called and moved my appointment up an hour. That was helpful. I called my brother-n-law and asked him if he wanted to go to Sirloin Stockade for dinner. He agreed so we went out to eat there. I ate too much but I hadn't eaten much since Sunday noon so i was pretty hungry.

When I got home the roofers were here and tried to fix the screens that covered the guttering. Some of them had split and were in pretty bad shape so I will probably have to order more at Lowe's in Bartlesville. Evidently the light hail we had Easter evening did dent my new vents. The roofer who climbed up there noticed they each had some small dents. He offered to go halves with me on the new guttering covers. I may have him pick those up.

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