Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away

Luckily I got my lawn mowed last evening because about 11:00 this morning it began to rain again. We had a fairly good crowd for church and afterwards nine of us ate out together at the new Italian restaurant. That was nice. I learned from my son-in-law that he named the puppy "Speck". That's appropriate because she has lots of speckles on the white part of her spots.

The service was very good. Melissa spoke and she had a very good sermon. Leslie, my daughter, presided and she did an excellent job.

I got my letters finished this afternoon and my granddaughter, Ashley, called and visited with me. That was nice too.

I have frittered away the afternoon.

Tonight we have the Living the Questions group at Lively's and Marilyn will lead it in a discussion of the Credo of the new book, "Misfits: The Church's Hidden Strength"

That should be interesting.

There were only nine of the 13 there tonight but the discussion was very good anyhow.

The fellowship of that group is excellent.

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nice....i am waiting for our book...