Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Very Busy Wednesday

This has been a day! I should sleep like a log tonight. I worked steadily at work...filing all morning from 8:00 AM until 12:15. They have a terrible mess to contend with at work. The woman who took care of the divorces in the office quit rather suddenly a couple of weeks ago and while they were waiting for authorization to hire someone to take her place, they discovered that for the past four years, she has made a terrible mess of those files. They have tried to unravel her mess for over two weeks now and so far every time they open a file they find more terrible errors.

After work, I drove to Independence, 15 miles north, to get my hair taken care of and after that, drove to Caney, 20 miles southwest to pick up my contacts at the optometrist office. From there I went back to Bartlesville for the last day of the Dillard's sale. I bought several new tops to wear with my slacks this fall and winter.

I got home about 5:00, fed the animals and sat down to watch a special on PBS. I was a huge Peter, Paul and Mary fan in my 20's. Mary Travers is now dead..I believe last year... but Mary Chaffin Carpenter took her part and did an admirable job. I enjoyed it.

I had hope to watch Harry's law but it evidently isn't offered at this Cox site. There was some kind of stupid reality show on NBC instead.

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