Saturday, October 22, 2011

Early Saturday

It's very early for Saturday. Slinky started barking about 4:30 and I finally got up to shut him up. He evidently was very hungry so I let him in and fed him his dog food and then his oatmeal. Now he is lying on the new bed here in the kitchen. I am dousing his ears with olive oil in an attempt to kill his ear mites. He has had them for years and they are probably the reason why he doesn't hear. I wanted the vet to prescribe the topical ear mite treatment but she wouldn't unless I brought him in to see if it was an infection. It may be an infection but there is no way I can get this huge old dog into the carrier and the carrier into the car. So I am trying a home remedy with the olive oil. I will try it every day and see if it smothers the ear mites and eventually their hatched eggs. It would be wonderful for him if it works. He is obviously pretty miserable.

I am going to get dressed in a little while and then at 7:30 meet my brother-in-law for breakfast at Eggberts. I want to do some cleaning after that and also go out to Windsor to see my sister. I also need to get cat food and detergent today too or I will have a very angry cat and some very dirty clothing.

Tonight I will watch the third game of the World Series. I never watch baseball except the World Series. If Harry's Law is on and not preempted by the World Series, I will watch it first. It is my favorite TV program outside of PBS's Frontline and American Experience. Otherwise there is absolutely nothing worth watching on TV. Perhaps that's why I read so much.

I will go to the City Commission meeting Tuesday evening. I am one of three who have applied to take over an unexpired term on the library board. I won't get it for three reasons (1)because one of the other applicants is a very popular judge here in Coffeyville and (2)I have applied twice and been interviewed twice for a part time position there and been passed over both times.(3) I seldom use the library because I use my Kindle and before that, I bought books. But I will go and make a statement anyhow. Who knows, perhaps a miracle will happen and I will be chosen.

Speaking of books...I have been selling books like mad on Amazon. I earned $15.50 this month alone and that much last month too. I am slowly but surely selling off my books. When I get them sold (all but the reference books I use from time to time) I will leave my three piece Thomasville bookcase to Scott. He wants it and needs it. Right now I have Bob's Bose system setting in the middle section but that can set anywhere since it has no exterior speakers.

One of these days, I need to make a list of everything I own and see which kids want what. Leslie has all new furniture and doesn't want any of mine anymore but both boys are rebuilding their furniture needs and they will have to tell me what they want before I am gone. When you get close to 76 years old, you begin to think about those things.

Slinky has settled down now. I wonder if the olive oil has soothed his ears because he has stopped scratching his ears and shaking his head for now. I will need to remember to douse them with olive oil every day for a couple of weeks.

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