Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Again

For some reason, I always dread Mondays. Maybe most working people do. The entire work week is ahead...although mine is only four days. I always have so much to do in my spare time.

Tonight, after work, I will bake my two cakes. In the morning I will ice them and Bob A. and I will take them to Independence to the First Christian Church. He will get a haircut from Carol while we're there. Then we will eat lunch at Big Cheese before we come back home and I go to work. I will work until 5:00 this week to make up for the lost four hours.

There will be no extra activity on Wednesday.

Then Thursday I will leave work a little early to go to the Ministerial Alliance meeting. I also fax in my time sheet since I get paid that day too.

Friday, I will donate a few hours at the library to move books for a new area for seniors.

The following week we are planning to go back to Branson for the Bluegrass and Bar B Q Festival. This time we will take Myra to use our guest ticket.

It rained most of yesterday and is still raining today. I don't mind the rain as long as it doesn't hail. I've had two bad experiences with hail. In 2002, my car was caught in a hailstorm while I was visiting a church member in the hospital. Hailstones as large as baseballs totaled my Toyota car. I drove it for another year before trading it in for my little Honda Civic. Bob was working for FEMA then and we could afford to do that. The Honda had 27,000 miles on it then in 2003. Now it has over 154,000 miles on it.

Last year I lost my roof to a similar hailstorm. That was a mess to get through. Although the roof was insured and didn't cost me anything, the trim on my house was peeling and I had to hire Jeff to sand and paint it and then he discovered that most of the soffits were rotten and he could almost put his hand through them. So I actually spent $2,000 having that work done. I certainly don't want to do that again.

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