Thursday, May 3, 2012

Another Problem

O.K. Enough is enough! I went out last evening to mow my yard and the mower wouldn't even try to start. It's either my starter (I had a new one last fall) or my battery and I'm betting on the battery. It's several years old and those things aren't known for a good long life. I was stumped as to what to do. Finally I called Bobby. I swore I wouldn't do that again but I had no other option. I have no trailer to take it anywhere. He is tied up until Friday trying to get one of their mobile homes ready to rent. He will come look at it on Friday. Boy, I hate to ask him for help. He's always swamped at his own home.

I will call the Amberg brothers when I can get their number from Bob. Maybe I can get them to mow for me. What else can go wrong? I'm afraid to ask.

I ran my dishwasher on small load last night. The line still leaked under my sink..but very little. It ran into the small green dish I have setting down there under the sink. And I found that if I use the side of the sink with the new garbage disposal, it doesn't leak under there when I run water. So that's what I am doing. That way I can avoid calling a plumber. I am going to lose some money when I take off on Tuesday the 15th and this July when I take off a week to go to camp. I don't want to lose any more.

On another subject, I have ministerial alliance at noon today so I will take off at 11:30 to get there before the ministers show up. I will distribute the agendas and the minutes from April. I seldom get to eat because I am taking the minutes. I contacted Jennifer at the library last night to tell her I did not want to be secretary for both the board and the foundation. I just got myself out of eight years doing that for the alliance. That meeting is next Tuesday evening. I am also taking off Tuesday morning to get my hair done. We go back to Branson the weekend of the 11th and 12th and I am really ready.


Balisha said...

I'll bet you are ready for another mini vacation with all you've had lately.Hope your problems get solved and then you can relax this summer.

Margie's Musings said...

Me too, Balisha, but they just seem to multiply. I am trying to stay positive.

marlu said...

Problems due seem to multiply. First we had a leak under the house in a copper pipe (no basement) Then Wed. night one of the springs on the double garage door broke so we had both repaced yesterday.
Hope you got your mower fixed without too much trouble!

marlu said...

Due for do!!!!! Brain is asleep.