Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another Wednesday

Today is another work day. After work today I believe the PINCH meeting meets. I will need to ask Marilyn where it meets this time.

Other then that, I really have nothing more scheduled this day. I will have to add more later in the day.

About halfway through the morning, my brother-in-law called me at work. He said he had talked to my sister's doctor and he intends to send her back out to Windsor on Friday. He doesn't think she will get well. This entire trauma has been too much for her. When I got off work I was prompted to go to the hospital. She had changed a lot since day before yesterday when I saw her last. She seems to be having trouble swallowing and has not eaten at all today. That's a bad sign. I really don't look for her to even make it until Friday. I hope I'm wrong but I never saw such a dramatic change.

The doctor talked to Bob about a feeding tube but that would entail surgery. If she pulled it out, she would have to go back into surgery to have it put back in. I don't think she's up to another ordeal. This entire leg being broken has been a terrible ordeal for her. Her sugar was well above 400 today. They are giving her glucose to get fluids into her since her sodium was so high yesterday. That drives her sugar up. This evening she acted like she couldn't swallow at all. Denise couldn't get anything but some sherbet into her. Bob and I talked at noon and we agreed we just wanted her to be kept comfortable.

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