Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday Again

I woke up at 1:30 this morning with the realization that I do not believe my sister should be taken out of the hospital and back to Windsor Place. The only access she has right now for fluids is her IV. When she is back at Windsor Place, she will be dependent on someone to give her water orally and she seems not to be able to swallow anymore. I will go over to Bob's at 7:00 and talk to him about it to decide what he thinks. He is the final decision maker. Depending on her condition, I may take the day off and go to the hospital to sit with Phyllis. Tomorrow she will be taken to Windsor Place if he does not change his mind.

I almost couldn't get back to sleep. At 3:00 I was still wide awake. Finally I got up and took a Benadril tablet. That helped me get back to sleep. Still I feel kind of wiped out this morning.

More later...

I later learned at the hospital that it's an insurance thing that my sister cannot stay in the hospital to die. She's in Skilled Nursing for physical therapy. Since she cannot do any kind of therapy, she must be released to the nursing home and Hospice.

I went to work but then asked my boss if I could just go to the hospital and sit with my sister. They were agreeable with that. I don't know how long she can last with only IV saline solution. She hasn't eaten in two days since she can no longer swallow. My brother-in-law also stayed most of the day. He did go to Independence for his caregivers support group at noon. I thought I would hear from my son, Scott, today. He had e-mailed me earlier that he would call. But he never did. I had my phone with me all day.


pat m said...

Is your sister on hospice? If so check with the hospice nurse as for the best thing to do.

Margie's Musings said...

She goes back to the nursing home tomorrow and will then be on Hospice again.