Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Successful Celebration

Last night was a huge success. Everyone seemed delighted with the reunion. They continued to press cash on me. I stuffed it into my pocket. Following the reunion, after the football game, Bob and I stayed to help John clean up and take all the pop coolers down to his truck. I asked him how he came out on his part and he said he had spent $97 of his own money on the refreshments. Two people had given him $10 each. I remembered the cash several had pressed on me so I started digging into my pocket. I pulled out a handful of cash and we counted it. There was $60 there. Then I remembered someone at the dinner had put an envelope in my purse. I finally found it and we opened it. There was another $40. He was reimbursed with three dollars left over. That was a blessing! Furthermore, our hometown team won the ballgame big time. I forget the final score but it was something like 52 - 31. Anyhow it was a huge success. I used 78 name tags and there were about 8 - 10 who came up to the stadium later who did not have name tags because they did not eat dinner with us at Lannings. It was a nice turnout for some 77 and 78 year olds, some of whom had flown in from across the country or driven up from Texas.

This morning we will meet a group of them for breakfast at Sirloin Stockade. Then we will go back at 11:30 for a lunch. This evening, Bob and I will attend his class's dinner there too so we will eat light at lunch.

In the morning, I have the sermon at church.

More later...

I just returned from the breakfast with a dozen or so classmates that needed to leave early. Bob and I will return in a little while for the lunch. For us it will be a salad bar since we both had large breakfasts. We had a great visit with that small group. They are a very congenial group of people.


Balisha said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend for you. Enjoy!

Margie's Musings said...

Thanks, Balisha! It has been so far.