Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Split Shift

Today Bob and I wanted to go to eat lunch at "Just Us" so I worked two hours this morning and two hours this afternoon and split the day up. I finally finished all my filing and scanning today.

We had a good lunch too. Tomorrow noon I will fix a tuna noodle casserole. We will have Bob's salad and also green beans. Then I have fruit (pears) for dessert. I may make cookies.

Then we stopped by our church to see if the electricians and the furnace people had been out to church and left Bob's key. They hadn't. They are taking their time getting that work done.

I had my PINCH meeting this evening. There were not as many there as usual but we did get our business finished. Our next large project is the Martin Luther King celebration in January.

Tomorrow afternoon I will work four hours. I should be paid tonight and have the money in my account by morning.

I've had my bath and have my p.j.'s and robe on and am settled in to watch PBS this evening.

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