Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday Again

I am so glad it's Thursday again. It has been an exhausting week. Tomorrow evening is the first evening of our class reunion. It looks like we have about 75 coming. Not all of that 75 is class members...some are spouses or significant others. The restaurant will fix us a buffet and then after we eat, we will go out to the stadium and visit and watch the high school football game between the Golden Tornado and Columbus. We will have pop and snacks there but mostly we will visit and catch up.

Saturday we will have both a breakfast (for those who have to leave early to catch a plane) and lunch for those who can stay longer and don't want to get up early on Saturday. Hopefully enough of us will be ready for a 60th reunion next year.

I speak at church on Sunday. Karan, who is presiding, called earlier this week to say she was going to have some testimonies from representatives of the charities we support. So my remarks will not need to be as long as usual.

More later....


marlu said...

Have fun! We had our 60th in 2009.

Margie's Musings said...

Thanks, marlu. I hope to.