Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Class Reunion

I have been up since 4:00 AM. I awoke about 3:30 and began thinking about tonight and tomorrow's class reunion. Then I began being concerned about next week and the Peace Colloquy. I had intended to ask my boss about working full days on today and Tuesday so I could take Wednesday and Thursday off for the Peace Colloquy next week. Her brother died suddenly last week and she has been off work ever since. He was only 46. So I am in a quandary about what to do about Wednesday and Thursday next week.

On top of all this, Brown Shoe Fit Company called me yesterday about a job interview on Monday at 10:00 AM. If this is a permanent job, I should probably take it but if it is strictly Christmas and I would be laid off after the first of the year, I had better stay where I am. However, I like the flexibility of this training job and I would probably not get time off for church camp (reunion) and World Conference of my church next year at a regular job.

I will just have to play it by ear. My feeling at this time is not to take the job if it is offered.

Dean, from my class reunion, called last night and wants to buy my dinner tonight. I would rather pay for my own dinner so I can be free to circulate among the classmates. That's another quandary. He also wants to pay for the postage on the classmate's Christmas newsletter. That would be good because I send some out online but we have 103 classmates who are not online and they will need a hard copy. I can buy the envelopes and paper but the postage cost would be a stretch.

I got my hair done this morning so I am ready for the day. If the office calls and wants me to work today, I can do that. Bob and I are just having leftover tuna noodle casserole at noon today. I have some green beans leftover and some of his coleslaw so we would have enough for a light lunch. That's all we need since we are having a larger dinner tonight.

After dinner this evening we will all congregate at the third floor of the stadium and watch the football game and visit.


ChuckFu said...

you always keep yourself busy, We head for Texas Wednesday and will return Saturday, Nov 5th got an appointment with my Cardiologist to review my test results, I suspect nothing will be wrong, they asked if I was on any beta blockers, my pulse was 47 - 62, they said during the stress test they saw no problems

Margie's Musings said...

Have a great time seeing your grand children and daughter, Keith. I know you will have a good time.