Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Another Cake Tuesday

Today I will take our cakes to Independence. Bob will go with me and we will eat at Big Cheese again. He brought his cake over last evening and asked me to frost it. Then he stayed the evening and we watched an old DVD movie he brought. It was "The Stalking Moon" starring Gregory Peck. It was quite good and I had not seen it before.

Tonight the president will do his best to regain lost ground with the town hall debate. Frankly, I don't think he can do it. We will see. I would like him to come forth and say "I don't like these hateful type campaigns. I would like to just state my plan and you state yours and leave the attacks to others." But he won't. It seems some people actually like those hostile attacks. I hate them. I also hate the lies and half truths. I wish the USA would do what some other countries have done and limit the time of a campaign to six weeks only. This campaign has limited what the president can do with his last year of the first term. He has spent months away from his job doing this terrible campaigning.

Romney is not privy to all the information the president has access to. He doesn't relate well to the ordinary voter. And that became very apparent when he said the poor could always find free health care at the emergency room. The man doesn't even know the emergency room is not free to anyone. The hospital expects to be paid and will turn the victim over to a collection agency for collection and they will hound the victim the rest of their lives or until they take medical bankruptcy. He doesn't live in our world.

Yesterday I worked hard all afternoon but was never able to catch up. I wanted to stay late and try to get all that scanning finished but was told that wasn't allowed. So today, I will have to work the best I can and get as much done as I can but I doubt I can get it all done in just four hours.

Yesterday morning I checked out the restaurant where we will be meeting Friday evening. I told them we have 75 coming. Later yesterday afternoon, four days before the reunion, the owner called me back to say serving all of us from the menu would take hours since they are having huge Friday evening regular crowds. I suggested a buffet. It's too late to change restaurants now. So we will have ham and chicken, scalloped potatoes, salad, veggies and rolls and dessert. I hope everyone will be o.k. with that. I did not have enough time to run it by anyone so I just made an executive decision and agreed. I really didn't have another option on such short notice. The cost will include gratuity and tax for $10.50. When I got home from work, I called John and told him what I had done. He was fine with it.

A friend of mine posted this on my church's web board. "Yesterday the mailman brought me an announcement from my Medicare supplemental insurance plan, that my premium would go up every three months for the next year. Medicare has a similar schedule of increases. I am certain this increase is based on demographics. Eventually, my social security monthly check will be less than the automatically deducted Medicare part B payment. At that point I guess I become one of those who ignore symptoms until an ambulance takes me to the emergency room."

Already between my $300 house payment and my Blue Cross/Blue Shield supplement, it takes almost half my social security. That's why I work. The government says there is no rate of inflation. They obviously do not live in southeast Kansas where groceries and gas costs are higher every month.

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