Monday, February 11, 2013

More Bacterial Infection

I was so in hopes the cellulitis would be better this morning but if anything, it's worse. It has moved up further around my eyes. I will not even try to put my contacts in. I will just wear my glasses. When the doctor's office opens, I will call him and try to get in to see him. I am disgusted with him because he did not take me seriously on Friday when I told him about the sore glands and the tenderness around my right jaw. The redness did not become really apparent until that afternoon. The full blown cellulitis did not show up until Saturday morning.

I will also have to call my eye doctor to cancel my 10:30 appointment. I can't show up over there looking like this and with my eyes nearly shut.

I reached my supervisor at work yesterday evening at her home. She was sympathetic and told me they would get along and for me to take care of myself. What else could she do.

I am discouraged. I had hoped it would be better by this morning. I expected yesterday to be worse because that is what the emergency room doctor had said.

Yesterday morning after I had taken my antibiotic, I noticed the bottle said "one a day". I got out my release paperwork and it said "two a day". I called the emergency room nurse to find out which was correct. She said "two a day" was correct. I am to call the pharmacy this morning and ask them to re-read the prescription. It had been sent electronically so should have been perfectly legible. Problems! I am just so glad my brother-in-law was there and had heard what they said at the hospital. He was just sure they said "two a day". Luckily I called early enough that I did not miss a dose. Incompetence reigns!

More later...


Sister--Three said...

I check on you once in a while and you probably don't even know it...hope you feel better soon or you may have to retitle this Blog--Margie's Misery!

Margie's Musings said...

That's a thought, sister three. :)

Balisha said...

I was hoping for good news. Maybe you should keep your eye doc appt.
Just thinking...Balisha

Margie's Musings said...

The ye doctor didn't want to see me until this was cleared up, Balisha. I did see the doctor again who missed this today and he was mystified.

Balisha said...

I came back and deleted my comment. I thought that you probably had enough advice. Only you know how you feel. I just hope that you get some relief soon.Balisha