Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Another Busy Wednesday

This was a pretty busy day. It started with the exercises which I missed on Monday. After that, some of us went to Utopia for coffee and a scone. Then we came home and I started the pizza. My pizza turned out pretty salty. I had included anchovies which are very salty. We ate some of it but I threw some of it away...way too salty.

After all that I went up to pay my sales tax and registration on my new car (new to me). It was over $1260. Kansas taxes are very high. The city, the county and the state all got a piece of that tax money. Until I get my social security I am very nearly broke. I could transfer some more of the money from my savings but it is going very fast.

Tomorrow I have nothing much going. I will probably clean house.

Then on Friday I will go to Bob's doctor appointment with him at 10:45. He is changing doctors. His usual doctor moved away. It's time again. Also Friday I have my hair appointment and Friday evening we will go over to Cherryvale to meet the Democrat candidate for governor. If he is anyone I am impressed with, I will vote for him. Our Republican governor has eliminated the food sales tax refund for seniors and the homestead exemption for seniors too. He is all for the wealthy and against the poor. He also has cut back on Medicaid for the poor. It's true they should watch carefully that the deserving poor get that benefit and not the freeloaders.

This evening I am just watching TV.

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