Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sore Arms on Tuesday

I woke up at 4:00 this morning with very sore arms. I took some Aleve with milk and they are alright now at 6:00. I notice they are cold when they ache. That may play into the ache. I can't figure it out and unfortunately neither can the doctors. They have given up.

I have my hair appointment this morning a little later..at 10:30. I will get our Parmesan Chicken ready to go into the oven before I leave for that appointment then I will just put it in the oven when I get home and fix the potatoes. We will have cottage cheese and applesauce and veggies with it. Then for dessert we will have fruit.

Yesterday afternoon was very frustrating. The certified letter did turn out to be my title and I had hopes to get the car registered. First I waited a half hour in line to see one of the clerks. Then when I did get into the chair she asked me if the police had inspected the car. I had forgotten that the car has to be inspected if it came from out of state. So I went over to the police department to have a form filled out. All the inspection was was to check the odometer reading for the mileage. For that, they charged me $20.

Then it was back to the tag office. I got right in this time. The clerk began filling out the title again and this time she stopped and said the stamp from the dealer that's supposed to be here (pointing to a place on the title) is not there so you will have to get that stamp. I went out to the car and called the Honda agency and talked to the office. The woman who answered said she had been there 15 years and had never put one of those stamps on a title and she had never had a problem before. Instead of me making another 90 mile round trip back to Bartlesville, she said she would just put it in the mail. Then I can put the stamp on the correct area and once again go up to the tag office to get the car registered. I also have to pay the sales tax in Kansas on it. That will be another almost 10% on the sale price. They get you coming and going.

Leslie and I had a nice visit yesterday in Bartlesville. We had lunch at McCalister's and it was good. She bought a few things....some hand soap and an extension for her USB cord. I got back about 12:30 and went through that trying afternoon experience.

Well, the Republican House has managed to shut down the government. They refuse to let the Affordable Care Law alone. They tried twice to pass a bill on to the Senate that would have defunded it or delayed it. Both times the Senate refused to consider it. The Republicans don't seem to realize that it is the law of the land. All those affected will just have to put the cost of insurance in their budgets. That beats getting sued by doctors and hospitals for their fees. There are tons of medical bankruptcies at the court house. Folks have to allow for car insurance and home owners insurance or rental insurance so they may as well budget hospitalization too. I recall the fight the government had over Medicare and it is now the salvation for seniors. I think the same thing happened over Social Security and it has been a lifesaver for millions of us seniors.


ChuckFu said...

I think we should vote out everyone of them in the senete and congress, those jobs were never meant to be a career field, get some fresh blood in there with fresh idea's

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

I came over to see what you thought of this : ) I have voted Republican AND Democrat, depending on who is running.

Looking back I think the troubles really started when John McCain chose Sarah Palin as a running mate and the Tea Party got going...simply because what happened was that now the Republican party had a second party within itself. So you have three parties and not two. I realize this is simplistic but I think it is part of the troubles we have seen these last few years.

Betty said...

I'm so disgusted, I have decided to start writing my blog again, just so I'll have a place to complain. Not that it will make any difference, of course, but because I'm tired of talking to myself.

pat m said...

I'm worried if the debt ceiling is not raised...I get SS and a VA pension..both which could be cut.

ChuckFu said...

They just cancelled my weekend drill, thanks you bunch of political jerks

Margie's Musings said...

I too am disgusted with Congress. This is a do-nothing congress and until those who obstruct everything are gone, it will be that way. I suspect 86% of it is racism in disguise. ....and not a very good disguise either.