Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday at Last

This morning I will go to Independence for my hair appointment. After that, Bob and I will go to exercise class. Then he will go to his new doctor and he wants me to go with him. His former doctor has left his Coffeyville practice.

Bob wants to eat out after that. I don't have a plan for anything for lunch/dinner except the leftovers from yesterday.

Later this evening we will pick up Marilyn and go to Cherryvale to a political meeting with the Democrats. I'm not a Democrat but I am very unhappy with my Republican party right now..especially with our governor, who is dismantling programs for the poor.

More later...

We attended the Democrat party meeting over at Cherryvale and met the candidate for governor. He seems a nice young man but really has no charisma and I'm not sure he has a program. I don't think he can beat Brownback, who has a lot of money behind him. I hope I'm wrong.

The Republican party here in Kansas has done a lot of damage to many aspects of our economy. Governor Brownback wants to eliminate the Kansas income tax. Well, that money to run the state has to come from somewhere and so he has the led the movement to increase property taxes. That puts the burden on property owners which is why I sold my house and am renting.

Then he eliminated the food sales tax refund for low income Kansans. Next he eliminated the homestead exemption for seniors. Then his administration cut funding for education. The colleges and schools are now struggling. They shifted tax for big business from real estate tax to personal property tax and that dramatically reduced their taxes and shifted that burden to property owners. It's been a mess. He refused to increase medicaid for low income people even though the federal government would have paid the difference. So the federal government even had to set up their exchanges for the Affordable Care Act.

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