Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Out of Town Wednesday

Today Bob and I will go to Joplin just for something different to do. He wants to eat lunch at Cracker Barrel so for a change, that's what we're going to do. I got my social security today and paid my car payment. My electric bill will go out automatically tomorrow. My internet and insurance will be next. The insurance comes out automatically but I will pay the internet myself.

I am going to start my Christmas shopping this week. I have Leslie's gift already. I will have to be very careful not to really spend too much since my car insurance comes due in January and I want to attend Restoration Studies Symposium in February. I forget when my renter's insurance comes due. I believe it's March. They will notify me, I'm sure. Without a job, I am on a very tight budget. I am torn about going back to work. I need the money but enjoy being free to do the things that I like to do without having to ask off or just skip them.

Also, my trip to Hawaii is the last week of the month and I need to take some spending money for that too. Thank goodness my kids bought the ticket or I would not be able to go. I am really looking forward to seeing Scott.

More later....

On our way to Joplin (the road was NOT open) I received a phone call from the son of one of our members. The member, Isabell, was in the hospital in Parsons after suffering a massive heart attack. He wanted me to come by and administer to her with oil. On our way back from Joplin, we turned north and went to parsons and I did just that. Isabell looked pretty good. She was in ICU and her family was there. I hope she can recover. She has had a very rough road to hoe the past few years.

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