Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Again

By the way, this photo is one I took at Cheyenne's second birthday party at Big Cheese week before last . That funny woman is my daughter, Leslie. Cheyenne sits next to her and John, my son-in-law is on the other side of Cheyenne.  You can just barely see Maia across from John.  These are some of my great granddaughters. I have two more in Houston, Texas from granddaughter, Sara, and her husband Kevin, two from granddaughter, Christina, and Kyle, her husband  in Washington. These are two of Jeromy's daughters and he has another, Sage, who lives in Manhattan, Kansas.  Sage is the one that goes to church camp with Leslie and me in July.  So I have seven great granddaughters in all. (no boys)

It's another Sunday and I will be going to church school and church this morning.  Bill, our discussion facilitator, had knee surgery last week so he will not be there and I will facilitate the class in his absence.

Next Sunday, for our communion service, I will preside. I already have the bulletin ready to be printed.  I like to be prepared early.

Remember, those fourteen bags of leaves I raked and bagged yesterday?  They have blown all the way down to Maureen's apartment. They were strewed everywhere and it's 31 degrees out there.  I went out and rounded them up and brought them back to the back of my apartment but with a twenty five mile an hour wind, they may not stay there. I may be retrieving them again after church. What a mess. Thank goodness the tops were tied. The leaves are still in the bags.

I slept well last night. I woke up at 2:00 AM but got right back to sleep.  I finally got up at 5:30 AM. That bed was so warm and nice and Missy was curled up right next to me too.

Today Bob and I will eat a bowl of chili at Brahms. We have a heavy meal this evening at Bobby and Karan's before the "Living the Questions" group meeting. She is serving homemade chicken and noodles and a dessert.  We are not supposed to take anything.

After church I will do my Sunday newsletters. I was going to help Bob rake his leaves but not if it is as cold as it is now. The wind will probably be 25 miles an hour then too.  He should have got it done yesterday. :)

More later....

I got my letters finished and took a two hour nap too. Then Bob came and we went to our Living the Questions group meeting.  We had nine there. Richard and Mona and their son did not show.  Becky brought her husband though. Everyone seemed to enjoy the DVD and a good discussion ensued afterward. 

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