Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Another Short Workday Wednesday

This is another of my short workdays. I will have to go over to Braums and get some milk and yogurt today. I have yogurt for lunch.

We will take Denise and Dee out for dinner tonight for Denise's birthday. I am baking the birthday cake right now.  I will ice it after it cools. We will bring them back here for ice cream and cake after dinner.

I will contact Aime again today if possible and see what kind of  luck she's had finding me another location. I am still working alone at the museum. That is against their regulations and could cost Aime's office a $10,000 fine. Aime has e-mailed Wendy that rule but so far, nothing has changed.

More later....

Today, I discussed with Wendy that Aime had told me of the need for direct supervision for me in the program.  Wendy said she had submitted a quarterly form that plainly said the employee only had one hour a week of supervision. I assumed Wendy has read the e-mail Aime had sent to her.

I told Wendy I was probably telling her something she already knew.... that Aime had e-mailed her about that need last week but Wendy hates the computer and the only time she reads her e-mail is if someone calls her to tell her she has e-mail. I told Wendy the site there in Chanute could  have been fined $10,000 if Dallas had learned that the museum had no regular direct supervision of the SER program. She immediately had me make out a leave of absence form and fax it to Aime's office. So at least temporarily, I am out of a job.

I went by the hospital to see Bob Vanderhoof about the auxiliary position and he was gone for the day. However he will be back tomorrow and they will call me when he comes in and I will take my resume in to give to him.

So I came home and told Bob about it and we went to lunch at Sirloin Stockade. Tonight we will take Denise and Dee out to dinner for Denise's birthday.

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