Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Short Tuesday

This is one of my short days. Yesterday I had ten people in the museum. It was a long day. After I get off work at 1:15, I will need to do a job search. Every four weeks I have to fax in a job search form with my pay form. I haven't had an opportunity to do that this month so I must get it done.

Friday I will take my car down to Honda for an oil change and it's leaking something underneath. Last month, to avoid being hit in the parking lot by a person on their cell phone, I ran up over the curb and I may have damaged something underneath.  I will get that checked out too. Always something.

I have started my pork ribs in the slow cooker this morning. When I get home I will peel some potatoes and boil them. Then I will fix some veggies in the microwave and put Bob's jello salad out.  That will be dinner today.  We may have some leftover for later in the week on Thursday.

More later.....

The ribs turned out well. I made some more peanut butter cookies when I got home.  Then I put the potatoes on and the veggies. Bob came over and we had dinner. I was very tired. Walking around town leaving my resumes and talking about a need for a job in the heat really wore me out.

I have had my bath now and feel better.  I'll go to bed in another hour.


Balisha said...

Crazy people still talking on their phones. Hope there's no damage to your car.
Your meal sounds delicious.

Margie's Musings said...

Thanks Balisha. The food was good and the cookies really good.

I will know more about it Friday when I have my oil changed.