Friday, September 12, 2014

Bartlesville Friday

I will go to Bartlesville this morning to get my oil changed in my car.  They will want to do some other stuff too but I will wait until later in the fall to have my tires rotated. Maybe by then I will be working again.

I worked over my budget last evening and there is no way it balances. That can't be helped though until Aime finds another work site for me.  There isn't much I can eliminate.  I am thinking of giving up the TV. There isn't much on TV that I enjoy anymore and the dozens of commercials get muted.  So many of them are completely ignorant and appeal only to the ignorant among us. I would keep the internet. It's $29.95 and I can get the news there and from the radio. We get no local news on TV anyhow or even any Kansas news. Tulsa Oklahoma has the only reception Cox gets. And we are in southeast Kansas. Eliminating the TV would save me $38.00 a month.

While in Bartlesville, if it takes awhile to get the car finished, we will eat there. 

Change of plans:

Honda informed me my car's oil is only 50%  ready for a change.  I asked them to check out that fluid I have been losing under my car. The mechanic came back and told me there was a problem.  The block was cracked and it was a blue oil from the compressor leaking. I about fainted. The mechanic said the warranty had been extended to 120,000 miles because they discovered some of the 2008 motor blocks were cracking.  My car only has 55, 960 miles on it so it's completely covered.  In fact they sent me home in their 2013 Honda Accord.  The leak was bad enough they wanted to keep it there.

CRMC (Coffeyville Regional Medical Center) called while I was there and they wanted my resume' so I e-mailed it to them when I got home. If I understand correctly,  it is a position for someone to guide people through the computer to their portal to see their health care records. It would be 20 hours a week. Doug, the man who called me, will contact Aime before they schedule me an interview. We will see what happens now.


clairz said...

Margie, we just bought a digital antenna so that we still get lots of channels though we are no longer paying for cable. The antenna looks like a small screen that is the size of a piece of paper, it hangs on the wall, and it cost around $50. That's a one-time cost of $50 instead of month after month of cable fees. We get local stations, enough networks for football for my husband, and PBS. It's really working for us!

I've been watching lots of BBC series on the computer, using Hulu Plus, which costs $8.00 a month.

ChuckFu said...

My that Digital TV Antenna MIGHT work for you, not sure were you TV towers are, I will see what can be found out

ChuckFu said...

Well mom try and find the
Winegard HD8200U Heavy Duty Platinum VHF/UHF/FM HDTV Antenna (HD-8200U) has a 100 mile radius
price is about 116.00 but you pay that once, we have not used cable or disk for about 3 years now and don't miss paying for the commercials, you still get them but you don't pay for them

Margie's Musings said...

I'll check that out but my main problem is I can't receive TV anymore with my TV set. It's broken. The box I rent from Cox Cable receives the signal now.