Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday and More Exercises

I slept so well last night. I didn't get up until 5:30. I awoke at 3:45 to go to the bathroom but got right back to sleep afterward.

I will go to exercises this morning and although they will have cinnamon rolls at Utopia, I probably will not get one. I have been cheating on my diet lately and it may show up soon if I don't stop it.  I have had coffeecake with my coffee every day this week and I have also had two Sonic blasts this week. I can't do that for long without it beginning to show up on the scales.

I may go out to the Dearing Cafe for chicken and noodles at noon today.....if they are going to have chicken and noodles. If they don't have it scheduled, we will have the chicken casserole I planned to have instead. We finished off the cornbread and beans yesterday.

Missy wants to go outside now but that isn't going to happen. The only time she got into a fight and was badly hurt was when I let her out in the dark last year. So I go out with her and it has to be daylight for that to happen.

I am really enjoying my Keurig coffeemaker. Every morning I have two completely different cups of coffee with no waste.

I opened the box marked Christmas decorations that I found in my storage closet yesterday to find out if I saved any of my Christmas tree decorations...nope. There were garlands for Christmas and other home decorations but no tree decorations.  So later I will go to Hobby Lobby and see what I can find to decorate my new Christmas tree. It came with lights.

More later....

I drove 6.5 miles out to our Wal Mart for Missy's senior Iams cat food and they have quit stocking that senior cat food.  I am so tired of our Wal Mart being out of everything I need.  Bob and I are going to drive to Bartlesville to eat at McAlisters this afternoon and I will stop at their Wal Mart and see if I can get it there.  We were going to eat at the Dearing Cafe but they did not have their chicken and noodles special until next Friday. So, since I am not working yet, we will drive to Bartlesville  for lunch. That won't happen after I go to work except on Saturday.  I will have to be at work at 1:00 starting next Wednesday.

After exercise class a bunch of us went to Utopia for coffee and cinnamon rolls. The cinnamon rolls were not quite done in the middle.  Bob left some of his.

We will watch Brooks and Shields analysis of the news this evening on PBS about 6:30. 


marlu said...

I keep looking at those coffee makers but can't decide if I'd really like it! Do they have any mocha flavored coffee? That is my weakness - chocolate in my coffee!

Margie's Musings said...

Yes, they do. They have a huge collection...especially online at their web site. You can buy 5 packs there instead of the 12 packs you usually find at the market. I used my $25 gift card to buy my coffees.