Saturday, April 11, 2015

Saturday and Lunch

This morning I will work two hours and that will finish making up for losing hours on Good Friday. Then I will immediately drive to Bartlesville to meet with Myra for lunch at noon. When I return from that I will mow. Bob says he will help me but he really shouldn't have to since he no longer lives here in the fourplex.  He says it will be good exercise though. I will not have breakfast with Bob this morning since he is going to a Lion's Club breakfast and afterward they are going to clean up the Plaza downtown.  That's one of their service projects.

Missy wanted to go out this morning while it's balmy. It's 51 here. I let her out but followed her around since she tends to wander off and I know there are at least two other cats in the neighborhood.  I don't trust her to be able to hold her own with a tom cat. The one that resembles her came over and wanted to investigate her and I made her come in. She had had a good opportunity to eat grass and lay in the grass too so I didn't feel bad about making her come in and that tom came right up to my door. I ran him off.

I am using the desktop computer this morning. I have been following directions for charging the new battery but I don't believe it's going to hold a charge any longer then an hour regardless. That's disappointing. But at least I will be able to sit in the living room and use it for that long. The other battery just quit.

I need to go to the market before I go to work this morning and get the ingredients for my corn casserole. I will take that and my cherry pie dessert to the basket dinner tomorrow. Luckily Country Mart is just three blocks away. In fact, the Dollar General is just down the street a half block and I could probably get all I need there. It opens at 7:00 AM too.

More later....

I went to the market to get the things I'll need for tomorrow's dinner.  Then I went to work. Katie had charged the staff with the job of cleaning out the frig there in the kitchen.  It was pretty bad. I told them I would do it. I had been keeping the dishes washed anyhow. It took me some time and I threw away a lot of spoiled food but I washed the entire thing out and put everything back in order. Now they can find their stuff.

I left at 5 minutes until 11:00 and went on down to Bartlesville to meet Myra.  We had a great meal and a good visit. She had found several things at Christopher and Banks that she thought I would like. They had several racks of great garments for 14.95 each. I bought two vests and two tops and some earrings and socks. I hadn't intended to buy anything else new but at those prices, I couldn't stand not to get what I can use next fall and winter.

I got home at 4:00 and asked Bob to come over and start the mower for me. Then I mowed my middle yard and the east yard just off my patio. I did not do the back. It doesn't belong to me or Marilyn. They have a riding mower and will have to do it themselves.

Bob came in for wine and left about 6:00. There's nothing on TV on Saturday night.

I will take my bath in a bit and  put my PJs on. I am very tired after all that shopping.   I get paid on Wednesday so I will pay another car payment then and also pay my Christopher and Banks bill.

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