Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day and Leslie and John have made reservations for us to eat at Tavern on the Plaza after church.  That's always a nice treat. I am looking forward to it. Keith and Esther sent me a lovely card and a nice deposit in my checking account. Scott and Ginger sent me some wonderful tulips. You can see them on the table on the post from yesterday. My kids are terrific. Even Missy, my cat, gave me a card. Bob delivered it for her last evening. I wish I could scan it and post it here. It is hilarious!

We will go to church this morning and after I get home from lunch with the kids, I will do my letters and then later on watch 60 Minutes.

Bob just came in. It's early for church but he wanted to read the paper before we take it to my son-in-law, John, at church.

The next couple of weeks will be very busy.  Next weekend I expect a classmate to come on Friday and stay here at my apartment for the 80th Birthday Bash on Saturday and the breakfast Sunday morning.  Then that Sunday evening I am to host the Living the Questions group.  Gretchen will be here and also the Bredesens will be back. Everyone will want to see all of them so I may have a good crowd.  Bobby and Karan are back from Illinois. They finished their work a week early.

More later....

Well, I had a busy afternoon.  After a lovely dinner at Tavern on the Plaza, I  came home and put together the congregational newsletter and got it out on the mailbox with a birthday card for John.

We had a new member move into our area and she came to church this morning. I wanted to give her a directory but we were completely out so after I finished the letters I printed off another two directories.  Karan will sew up the center seam since she has a sewing machine.  Then I will send one on to the new member.  Then she will have access to each of us.  She gave me her address and telephone number.

Later Bob came over to watch 60 minutes with me but we only got to see a quarter of it and the TV station in Tulsa interrupted programming to follow a thunderstorm in southern Oklahoma. Bob went home and I just turned it off and took my bath and watched an entirely different station and program. 
We use to get a Pittsburg, Kansas here and we were able to get Kansas news and a different CBS station we could have turned to but they cancelled that channel since they say we are in the Tulsa, Oklahoma marketing area. It's all about the advertisers! Disgusting!  At 9:00, Missy and I went to bed.

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