Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wednesday and Exercises

I had a hair appointment Monday and missed exercises.  I intend to go today though. I slept really well last night and don't recall waking up at all until time to get up. I tried to watch "The Roosevelts" on PBS but the exhaustion caught up with me at 9:00 and I gave up and went to bed.

I called the landlady day before yesterday and asked to have the lawn mowed. It had been two weeks last Monday since it was mowed. She said she would check with the mower. The grass is between 6 and 8 inches high. I couldn't mow last week because of all the rain. It has been lovely two days in a row now and it still isn't mowed. I told her I am having company this weekend and would like it mowed. So luck. We are forecast for rain tonight and Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  If he doesn't mow today, I will mow myself after I get back from exercises. I will just mow the front and the east side, which is my area. The back will be left for him.  We  do not get the wonderful service the former owner gave us. He mowed like clockwork...every week. This landlady has it mowed every two weeks. If I want it mowed weekly I have to mow it myself between their mowings. What a mess!

Here you can get an idea of what it looked like on Monday.

We will have our leftover meatloaf today for lunch. I will fry some potatoes and we will have a veggie. I still have Bob's coleslaw too.

My Mother's Day tulips are in the process of opening now. Here's some photos  of them now. Scott and Ginger sent them to me. I received them on Saturday.

I wonder if Katie will have me scan bar codes again today. My hands are sore from yesterday. Some of those books are tomes. You have to remove the book from the shelf and open the cover to find the bar code. Twice yesterday, the entire shelf of books fell over while I was taking a book out to scan.  That was a mess.

We are planning to eat out tomorrow. I will get my hair done again at 8:00 AM so it will look nice for Saturday and the 80th Birthday Bash.  It is also house cleaning day so I will be pretty tired by the time I go to work. My hair is all out of shape so it didn't hold up well this time. It was time for my haircut but Kathy forget to schedule it so it will be cut on Monday next week.

More later....

Well, the plan changed. When we got back from exercise class, I found the lawn still was not mowed. And it was beginning to mist. I had Bob start the little mower for me and I very quickly mowed the front and the parking and the east side. I did not do the back.  Bob trimmed and swept the walks for me. The back yard  is huge. It will be three weeks on Monday since they last mowed.    How disgusting!

Anyhow, when I finished mowing. we decided to just eat out today instead of tomorrow. We will have our meat loaf on Thursday. I will start the potatoes after I get back from my hair appointment. I will clean on Friday morning since Dean is not coming until Saturday.

Sure enough! Katie had me scan bar codes again.  I left early though after I learned from Bob that his younger daughter, Denise, was in the hospital. She had lost a lot of blood and was severely depleted and her reading was down to 23  instead of about 40, where it should have been. I told Katie I would make up the hour I lost on Saturday morning at 9:00.

Denise was doing better when I got there but her blood count continued to drop.  She will see the gynecologist on Wednesday next week to try to determine what the problem is.

I got home at 5:30 and after Bob went back to the hospital to check on Denise, he came over for wine and we watched Nature together on PBS. When he left I took my bath and sat in the recliner with Missy until bedtime.

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