Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thursday and Another Work Day

Today I will go to Independence and get my hair redone for the 80th Birthday Bash on Saturday. Mowing in the rain yesterday really did it in.  I didn't sleep very well again last night. I have too much going on in May and I can't put my mind to rest..  I'll be glad when all this is over. Especially that trip to Texas the last four days of the month.

I got up at 4:00 this morning. It was raining hard again. I am so glad I got my yard mowed yesterday morning.

We will have our leftover meatloaf for dinner today. I will fix some fried potatoes and a veggie to go with it and we will finish off Bob's coleslaw.

But first after I get home from Independence this morning, I want to check in on Denise at the hospital.

More later...

I did drop in to see Denise after I got back home from Independence. And this evening she is looking better and is getting a transfusion. I had e-mailed her sister about her situation after I posted it on this blog because she sometimes reads my blog. I didn't want her to be terribly surprised and wonder why she wasn't told.  She sent some lovely flowers and called her and Denise was very pleased.

Actually this morning she told me that Dr. Miller, the gynecologist, said she might have cancer and he wants to do a D & C as soon as he gets her blood level back where it should be.  He will get the Pap smear back in 5 days and by then he will have done the D & C and should know something.

This evening after work I dropped back by the hospital to see her again.  Her dad was there too. We stayed about thirty minutes and then left so she could enjoy her dinner. Dr. Miller dropped in to check on her while we were there. Why on earth it takes 5 days to get a pap smear back from the lab is beyond me. And he still doesn't have a plan for when to do the D & C.  He says he is still waiting for her blood count to come back up.

Katie wasn't at work today so I put away a lot of DVDs and also repaired and cleaned  seven DVDs.  I did some shelf reading and worked in the back room organizing things there again.

Bob is here for wine so I will finish  this and do some more tomorrow.

Oh yes.....I got an e-mail from Dean and he was sick all day today with A-Fib and decided not to come at all  to the reunion.  He is "wiped out"  he says. That simplifies my life. 

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