Saturday, May 16, 2015

Saturday and the Birthday Bash

 Let's see how many of these classmates I can identify. Let's see..left to right there is Shirley Cook Roberts, Me, Mary Lee Lankard Cornett,  Pat Easton Robertson, Phyllis Gardner Krenz,  Charlotte Nease,  Bessie Scofield, Carol Sue DeBerry Bond, and Trini Rosales Kelly.

Back row of men: Left to right: Ray Hill, Charles Shaw, Larry Owens,  Jim Cable, Ron Morris, Tom Benefiel,  and John Wade.

The two at the very back are Gene Garman and Jeff Powers.

Today is the 80th Birthday Bash. I went to Eggberts for a big breakfast this morning with Bob and will not eat lunch.  We will have an early supper at Lanning's at 5:00 instead. I generally don't eat in the late afternoon because it doesn't help e to sleep well. I didn't sleep well again last night. I awoke at 1:00 and had to take a Benedril to get back to sleep.

I let Missy out for about 30 minutes this morning and she really enjoyed it. She went around to the east side and ate some grass we had not trimmed next to the patio there.  Then Bob came and we went to breakfast.

More later... I need to go to work for an hour.

I worked my hour and  came home to get around and ready for the Birthday Bash at 2:00. I still need to get my apples for the apple crisp Sunday evening. I will do that after the breakfast on Sunday morning.

After 2:00....

The 80th Birthday Bash was a success. We had 43 reservations but only 36 showed up. Since they had not notified us they were not coming, the class had to pay for their meals. That put us $98. in the hole.  Luckily the class treasurer was there and had the checkbook so we could pay the bill. All in all the group who attended had a good time.
This one of my classmates and the second photo is some of them visiting.

You can see we're all pushing 80. :)

The big surprise happened about 3:00 when one of the waitresses came in and told us we had to move our group of 36 upstairs. She said they had a reservation for 100 coming in at 4:00 for a buffet dinner.  I told her there was no way I was going to move thirty six 80 year olds up a flight of stairs.  Two of them walk with a cane.  Plus, we also had a buffet dinner and it was there in the room we had reserved. And besides that, we had reserved the room seven months ago and had stayed in touch. Just this past week, their owner had e-mailed me the menu and the cost per person and confirmed our reservation. Luckily I had printed off the e-mail and showed it to her.  She took the e-mail and called her boss who confirmed that we had the room and we were the group with the buffet. I was thankful I had printed off that e-mail and took it with me.  That gave me a jolt.  But I was adamant!

Personally, I was not all that happy with the room. It needed to be redecorated badly but it was the only place in town with a room large enough to accommodate our group. Also we were served with plastic dinnerware. But the food was good.  This is my last reunion..for good! I do not sleep when I have too many things going in a small amount of time.

I brought some of the leftover buffet home for Monday's dinner.  Tomorrow is the breakfast and I hope Sirloin Stockade has our room reserved for the breakfast Sunday morning.

I got into the recliner with Missy at  9:00 and promptly fell asleep there.  I got up and went to bed at 10:30.

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