Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tuesday and Hamburgers

Today we will have hamburgers and french fries. We had our meatloaf yesterday and it was good.  I fixed boiled potatoes with it and green beans. Bob brought his coleslaw. We will eat that again tomorrow. Thursday, which is my house cleaning morning, we will eat out.

Dean, my classmate, will not be coming until Saturday morning.  He will stay in my extra bedroom Saturday night. Actually, I intend to take the daybed in the den myself and put him in my bedroom where the bed is better.  We'll see how that works out. I sleep on that daybed when Keith and Esther come and do just fine.  Keith and Esther will be here next week on Thursday evening to see me and for Scott's wedding. But one thing at a time. First I have to get through this 80th Birthday Bash this coming weekend. (I won't be 80 until December).

I don't know what will happen at work today. That mess is still there and the new furniture probably won't be coming right away....maybe in a day or two.

The weather kind of concerns me for that flight to Dallas/Ft Worth on the 26th. I'm not wild about flying anymore anyhow but with storms to consider too, I am even less interested. Flying has become such a hassle.

The woman I am picking up for the trip to Independence on the 26th to catch the van that will take us to Wichita to catch the plane..is a smoker. I won't let anyone smoke in my car. Aime has already warned her that she will have to smoke outside and not in my car, nor in the van and, of course, not on the plane, or in the motel room. I'm sorry... but people with addictions annoy me. My mom died of pulmonary fibrosis and my step dad died of lung cancer.  This woman is working with this program at minimum wage to supplement her low income and she has got to be spending a couple of hundred dollars a month on cigarettes.  Plus it will wreck her health and that just doesn't make sense to me.

Enough of my prejudices ...more news later ...

This afternoon was a huge day! I had to scan an aisle of books that were huge.   It took me two hours and my arms really hurt afterward. Then I put away DVDs in the last hour.

The new desks came in today.  The girls were putting all their stuff away this afternoon.

Bob came over and we had wine again. When he leaves, I will take my bath and sit in the recliner with Missy.


Sister--Three said...

Cigarettes are at least five dollars a package. Pay to ruin your health seems so sad, but I am addicted to sweet cake so who am I to talk!

Margie's Musings said...

We each have our own addictions. I have to force myself to leave ice cream alone.