Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday and Back to Work

Today is also exercise day.  I slept well last night but that's because I took a Benedril tablet.

Bob just walked in and he is having some of the coffeecake he forgot to take last night when he left. He brought his coffee with him.

I will have many, many DVDs to put away today. It's Monday and Monday is always a huge day for that.

I don't know whether Katie will have me scan bar codes today or not. Time will tell.

The library was a huge mess!  I put away DVDs from 12:45 until 4:10.  The only bigger day was the Monday following the Easter holiday.  I got home exhausted. I still had my cake to ice since I had decided to bake it at noon. I had a feeling this would be an enormous day. It has rained all last week and kids could not go to the pool so they came to the library and each checked out their limit of five DVDs each.

I have had my Chai Latte and so now I will eat my yogurt.  I am hungry. The beans at lunchtime were good but I didn't eat enough.

I haven't decided what to have for lunch tomorrow. I will need to look in the freezer and see what I have squirreled away.

Bob will be here in less then 30 minutes so I had better eat my yogurt.

More later...

Bob only stayed for the wine and cookie. There was really nothing on for Monday night. We checked the old movies but they were ancient.

After he left and I had taken my bath and put my pjs on, a terrific clap of thunder and lightening occurred and  the electricityy went out.  It was off about thirty minutes before coming back on.  Soon after, I went on to bed.

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