Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday Morning and Church

Today we have church. I discovered yesterday afternoon that I am presiding this morning and I had the bulletin to get ready. It took me awhile but I got it finished. Now when I get out there at church, I will print off the bulletins.  I usually keep better track of these things. It has just been so busy lately  that I just didn't think of it.

Missy is wanting to go out but I don't let her do that until it gets light. I never know what stray cat is out there. It's not even 6:00 yet.  When the paper comes, I will read it first before I let her go out.

I also want to fix my coffee cake before I pick up Bob. Those at church enjoy having a piece while they drink coffee. We do that just before we start our church school class.

More later.....

Well the coffee cake went over well and after church we all ( well, eight of us) went to Independence to the Railroad Inn for Italian food and to celebrate my daughter and son-in-laws 40th wedding anniversary.  We had a good time.

Afterward I came home and worked on my congregational newsletter.

Bob will be over later for wine and TV. We will watch 60 Minutes. It began raining again after I got home or I would have mowed first.

It rained very little and later got hot. The lawn dried and I called Bob to come start the mower for me while it was dry. I got the lawn mowed then.

Bob came over for wine and 60 minutes but went home after the wine and cookies when he noticed it was another rerun.

I took my bath and went to bed about 9:30.

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