Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thursday And House Cleaning Again

Today is my house cleaning day. I have nothing going on Thursdays except to fix lunch and go to work in the afternoon so I always clean the apartment on Thursdays and also do my laundry.  I will just fix hot dogs and tater tots for lunch today. Bob is delivering meals on wheels for a friend today and we will eat a little later.

Yesterday I put away DVDs for an hour and then scanned bar codes until 4:30 when I went back to putting away more  DVDs again.  Katie gave me a short list of books to find...books that are not in the system. How that occurred, she doesn't know. The last inventory was held in 2007 long before she started the job. There have been dozens of books found that are not in the system. It's probably a very good thing that we're doing this inventory.

When I get home in the afternoon, my hands are always sore and slightly swollen.  That's from pulling the books out of the bookcase, opening the covers and scanning the bar codes. Why they were not initially put on the covers, is beyond me.  I notice the new books do have the bar codes on the covers. Those books can just be raised a little and the bar code scanned without having to pull each and every book out of the bookcase and the covers pulled open.  I suppose it has something to do with the scanning being done now days with a hand held scanner.

More later... I'd better put my laundry in the dryer.

Well I got my laundry all done, my bed changed and the apartment clean again. That's my regular Thursday chores. 

It's only 9:00 so I have lots of time to read or whatever.

I have Missy out on the carport again now.  It's barely raining now. She took off earlier and I had to get my umbrella and go looking for her. I couldn't find her so I came back home just to find her laying on rug on the carport.  She must have circled around and come home while I was looking for her.  That darn cat!

Both neighbor cats are out now. One is on the porch across the street and the other is under the car in their drive.  As long as Missy minds her own business, she will be fine. If they try to come over here, I will run them off.

More later...

I had a huge day this afternoon. Lots of DVDs to be put away (the rain drives the kids indoors and to the TV to watch videos)  and then I scanned another aisle of bar codes. I have three more aisles in the non fiction before I do the talking books. They should be easier because they are small and not so heavy.

Bob came over and we opened the Merlow Scott and Ginger brought me. It's pretty good  but I really prefer my Mascotto.  We will drink it though.  It was a nice gift.

We will watch The Big Bang Theory. We are both disillusioned with the new writers. They simply aren't up to the usual par.

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