Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wednesday and A Credit Card Scam

I will go to exercise class this morning and then come home to fix lunch. We will have our beans again. I may fix some more cornbread. We only have two pieces left. That probably is not enough.

I slept very well last night.  That's surprising since I had another incident of the problem with Bank of America. They can't seem to get my problem fixed. Several months ago, I received a bill from Bank of America about a Bank of America credit card charge. I had cut up that card when Bank of America sold all our local Bank of America banks to Commercial Bank out of Parsons, Kansas.

The bill was for  $61.00 and change for a charge for a transaction on 03/13/15 to Agoda in Malang, Indonesia. ....evidently a hotel there. The guest was a Myetiya Bagus. Obviously that was not me. I am a senior citizen from America who has never been out of the country so I disputed the charge with Bank of America. After three different months of calling them after receiving bill after bill and talking to three different people, one a supervisor, I thought the charge would be reversed.

Then yesterday I received a package from Bank of America saying if I did not sign and return a letter they were sending me in the package to cancel the account, I would be expected to pay the bill in full. And it had to be returned by the 22nd of this month and it was already the 16th. With our present mail service, I couldn't guarantee it would reach them on time so I went back up to the library and faxed it to them.  They had suggested that since they admitted the time was limited.  It cost me $3.00 to fax the three pages to them. That included a letter I included to them telling them that if they troubled me with this scam problem again, I would turn over all my correspondence from them and to them to the Kansas States Attorney General and let him deal with them.

I had asked that the credit card to be cancelled each time I called them. Evidently they felt they had to have written permission to do that. 

I have only had one other credit card scam in my life and that was with a different credit card company and for a video game bought in Florida.That was years ago. I had never had a video game and had never been to Florida and I called that credit card company and told them that and they said they would investigate the claim and get back to me in 90 days. They did just that. I cancelled that card.  No hassle. A year later, that same person attempted to use that same credit card again and learned that I had cancelled the card. The credit card company called me to tell me about that attempt. hassle.

What a mess!

Folks, be sure to cancel any credit cards you are not using...even if you have cut them up.  To not do that can be a huge problem in this electronic age....especially of you are dealing with Bank of America.  Credit card numbers are stolen and used on a regular basis anymore.  If the card has been cancelled, the problem cannot occur. I had hesitated to cancel the card when I cut it up because I had understood it can affect your credit rating and I have an excellent credit rating.  Big mistake!

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